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User and market research, A–Z digital design and outstanding web development. Without limits.

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We will take care of every part of your product or service design and development. We say parts, but we know that they form a unique whole. That is why under our command, we create projects that will stand up not only in this world.

Where we'll understand each other

Cooperation is the key.

It's how we got to you. For us, long-term partnership and mutual enrichment is the only way to benefit everyone. That's why we want to help your projects too.

Radical honesty, as you call it.

We say things straight up and what's agreed is agreed. We insist on flawless processes and fast communication. Everyone knows this, which is why they deliver their deliverables on time.

Client projects

Do not limit your focus or scope to what you have had the privilege of learning so far. Our flexibility allows us to tackle projects across industries and continents.

Our allies on Earth

We knew right away that if we were on the same wavelength with anyone, it was these humans. They care about quality and speed, plus they have a ton of experience.

Antonín Pospíšil

Human connection to Earth

Antonín is experienced designer, founder, mentor, builder and chief communicator. Always sitting between business and people.

Jakub Sodomka

Navigator in the pixel world

Jakub is an on-the-ground representative with years of experience in interactive design. Experience in business and design is the perfect combination to drive results.

Adam Karnet

Development overseer

Adam has a unique combination of development expertise and user (or client) oriented soft-skills. He’s in charge of the web development unit.

Lukáš Vynikal

Modest mind reader

Top strategist, innovator, seeker of undiscovered paths and promoter of new approaches to improve your business.

On their own they're great, together they're perfect.

We choose who we team up with carefully.

These have met all our criteria. They understand their craft, are reliable and their projects speak for them


We are always open to new alliances.

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Do you fit into our mission?

Our earthly friends are always looking for new members. They choose their talent carefully, and when they do get a high-five, it's quite a ride.

Senior UX designer

SDMK Design Czech s.r.o.

Do naší digitální agentury hledáme UX/UI designera/ku, který/á drží krok s dobou a má chuť pracovat na zajímavých projektech pro české i mezinárodní klienty.

Project Delivery Lead

IdeaSense, s.r.o.

Hledáme zkušenější Project Delivery manažerku nebo manažera, který se pohybuje v oblasti designu a vývoje webů či mobilních aplikací.

Junior Frontend Developer

Future Talents s.r.o.

Pokud rád píšeš front-end javascript, máš ho zmánkutý a chtěl bys třeba proniknout víc i do "datařiny", pak je to pro tebe super příležitost.

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